Loan Review Officer - Waterloo, Iowa
Job TypeLending
Full Time/Part TimeFull Time
Salary Range-Commensurate with Experience
Business UnitBank
LocationWaterloo, IA 50701
Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for providing objective appraisals to management and the Board of Directors of loans in the bank’s portfolio. Identifies potential loan problems and ensures compliance with established loan policies and federal regulations.

Conduct periodic audits of reviewing accounting systems and records to verify adherence to generally accepted accounting principles and established bank policies and procedures.  Prepare formal reports, conducts reviews of agriculture, commercial, installment, and mortgage loans to ensure that (a) loans are properly documented, (b) bank lending policies are followed, (c) the loans are in the best financial interest of the bank, and (d) supporting loan documentation has been thoroughly investigated.

Reviews loan compliance with laws, regulations and rules governing operations and product offerings.  Reviews bank policies and procedures to ensure compliance. 

Completes impairment testing according to the proper FASB guidelines for the bank of all classified and troubled debt loans.

Reviews, on schedule, certain loans which are held for follow-up and re-examination from regulatory exams and external audits.  Recommends appropriate action to the originating loan officers and the Board of Directors.

Provides technical advice and assistance to loan officers as needed.

Represents the bank in a positive light in all professional duties.  Participates in civic and community affairs, functions, and organizations promoting a positive involved “community image” for the bank.

Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management.

Necessary Skills and Attributes

3+ years experience in commercial lending

Bachelor’s Degree in a business discipline preferred

Excellent communication, presentation, follow-up and time management skills